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Luxembourg is a band consisting of members from small towns throughout England. Their primary sound can be compared to bands such as Pulp, The Smiths, PIL, Roxy Music, and David Bowie, but they are really a more modern version of those bands combined if anything. While they combine electronic synths and rocking guitars, David’s distinct and very British-like vocals give the band a distinct feel. They have yet to release a full debut LP despite being together for a few years, but they do have a compilation of songs entitled Best Kept Secret, which is absolutely fantastic.

Listening to ‘Pin Me Down’ and then immediately listening to ‘Making Progress’ shows the band’s variety and influence. They can easily utilize the 80s synth formula and then flawlessly transform into regular 90s Brit-Pop with ease. ‘We Are The Resistance’ shows a bit of cool ingenuity, as Luxembourg takes a sample from the chorus of some old pop song, but it comes out smoother than expected to create an incredibly addictive tune. ‘Search Continues, Hope Fades’ goes back into the electronic category, sounding like some sort of early Pulp b-side. Well, a good b-side that is. Highly dependant on a builded upon chorus, the song is as successful as the others. It should only be a matter of time before Luxembourg gets the proper attention they deserve with their catchy songs and witty lyrics.

Luxembourg – Pin Me Down



Luxembourg – Making Progress



Luxembourg – We Are The Resistance



Luxembourg – Search Continues, Hope Fades



Luxembourg – Close-Cropped



Luxembourg – Success Is Never Enough



Luxembourg – A Little Bit More



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