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The town of Woodstock NY is usually peaceful and quiet, but on a good day one can catch a glimpse of its lively music scene. In the early 90’s, the spotlight never stayed on this tightly knit community to pick up some of its impressive gems. While two Woodstock festival revivals were had, the local bands that rocked the show seemed to be quickly forgotten in memories of riots. Among them was the funky rocking sound of Peacebomb. With a strong, small cult following from the area, Singer Max Olsen says it best, “We are Peacebomb, sharp, never dull, an oxymoron, not I. This is not a hyperbole, my friend Roger, This is not a metaphor. We are that”. This closely resembles the bands lyrics, and whether Max is a genius, insane, or both isn’t really clear, and doesn’t really matter. Peacebomb is/was a ridiculous good time for all. The band only saw one release, IsWas in 1992, and while the band is now, for the most part, defunct, they are known to put on reunion shows once in a while with new songs and all kinds of surprises. Most of the bands line-up is currently part of the great prog-metal-funk-pop outfit 3. There have been rumors for the last year that Peacebomb may release a long-awaited second album, but these have not been confirmed.


Peacebomb – Slackers



Peacebomb – Tom



Peacebomb – U.F.O.’s



Purevolume site

The only place I know to snag an album is at a 3 Show

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