Posted May 21, 2006 by Mike Mineo in Features

MUSIC DOWNLOADS: Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club are just another indie rock band from Toronto that know how to manufacture some pretty nifty hooks. Take the opening song off of their EP, Lesson in Crime, for example. ‘Cheer It On’ is really no different than all these young artsy rock bands you’re hearing lately, but the two-minute song is just a catchy example of a band who seems to create some songs with foot tapping capabilities with ease. The song stands of as an introduction to the band, sort of like Art Brut’s ‘Formed A Band’, but not quite. ‘Nature Of The Experiment’ and ‘Citizens of Tomorrow’ are just as catchy, with the latter showing a bit of an Arcade Fire influence. The oddly named band from Canada (quite common these days) has quite a bit of potential.


Tokyo Police Club – Cheer It On



Tokyo Police Club – Nature Of The Experiment



Tokyo Police Club – Citizens Of Tomorrow




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