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Interview with Tokyo Police Club

Lauren Tischler sits down with Tokyo Police Club's keyboardist, Graham Wright, and talks about the touring life, the project's beginnings, quality television, and the band's new album Champ, which Wright believes is their best ...

Best Albums of 2009: #50 to #41

And so it begins. The top albums of 2009 are hand-picked and collected for your listening pleasure. Part one of a five-day feature.


Barzin Writes Notes to an Absent Lover

Artists that write from a retrospective view often do it for good reason. It is a characteristic that can carry into their music, since reflecting upon one’s experiences with a modernistic mindset can provide aid for their stru...

Timber Timbre

Although it can be classified as one of the most straightforward terms in music theory, timbre also holds the status as being one of the most audibly important. If music lacked timbre, it would be as if a language was running o...


Andre Ethier Is Born of Blue Fog

The past month provided me with a much-needed break, one that allowed me to take a break during a time in which artists are usually reluctant to release material. After all, releasing an album in late December or early January ...

Wearing Winter Gloves in Montreal

I do hope to travel across a wide variety of locations one day, but as a middle-class college student I understand that my resources are somewhat limited. That being said, it is a common process for me to singularly identify ce...


Ndidi Onukwulu

In both past and present, it is difficult to find an influential songwriter who has never credited their geographical or familial roots as being a defining influence in their success. Whether they are singing about the dangers ...

Spiral Beach Brings the Ball Home

Imagine what it would be like growing up in the ’60s and ’70s as the offspring of a folk musician. With all kinds of people, from hippies to philosophers, gathering at various folk circuits and festivals, you would ...


Picastro, Owen Pallett, Jamie Stewart, and their Whore Luck

Some bands just have to work harder than others to achieve success. It is a common fact that is based on luck, drive, and, most importantly, how important individuality is to the members at hand. When Picastro released their de...

Vitaminsforyou (yeah, all one word)

One thing about Vitaminsforyou that you’ll notice when first listening is the feeling of relaxation and relief that will be put upon you. The solo project from Toronto’s Bryce Kushnier combines lush sounds that mix ...