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ALBUM PREVIEW: Stuart A. Staples – Leaving Songs

His name is not the only thing that is likable about Stuart A. Staples. As the frontman for the successful Tindersticks, he has one of the most unique voices you will most likely hear. With vocals deep, elegant and precise, the easiest comparison would be to Scott Walker. Staples has been making emotional driven songs since the early 90s. While other British bands such as Oasis made rather simple traditional rock music, Tindersticks made such complex melodies with an array of dozens of different instruments. Tindersticks’ self-titled debut in 1993 was named the album of the year by Melody Maker, a huge accomplishment by any debuting band. By the way, I would recommend any album from Tindersticks, particulary their second album, Tindersticks [II], which is a masterpiece.

Staples’ solo career fortunately sounds very similar to that of Tindersticks. It contains his lush vocals over very nicely arranged music. His new album, Leaving Songs, will be released in two weeks and it very strongly recommended. You will be seeing the album getting great press in the coming months, I can almost guarantee you. Three songs off of the new album are below, to the epic opener ‘Old Friends’ to the occasionally poppy ‘Which Way The Wind’, where Staples holds onto his romanticism impact in lines such as “And I know which way the wind blows, it blows me back to her”. Tindersticks fans will be extremely pleased with this effort, and new fans will enjoy it as well.

Stuart A. Staples – Which Way The Wind



Stuart A. Staples – Old Friends



Stuart A. Staples – One More Time




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