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ALBUM PREVIEW: The Automatic – Not Accepted Anywhere

Ignore the emo hair for a second, because The Automatic are certainly not an emo band. I wouldn’t be posting it if they were. Think more along the lines of Bloc Party, Fugazi, or Interpol. And what do those three bands have in common besides fun music? Well, for one, they are all very popular. From Wales in the UK, The Automatic seems to be destined for immediate spotlight as soon as the major media outlets get their hands on their debut album, Not Accepted Anywhere. They create simple but effective catchy melodies just like Bloc Party, and while they are not extremely innovative or different than other bands of their stature, they create some songs that really are quite brilliant as far as hooks go.

Take ‘Raoul’ for example, just check out that chorus! The bridge flows flawlessly into a very enjoyable anthem-like chorus, making it a very fun song. Good music for a Friday night. ‘That’s What She Said’ opens off the album with more straightforward goodness, coining a name that middle schoolers would giggle over. For some reason, the backing vocals on some of the tracks sounds like Rage Against The Machine, with those little frequent yelps. It surprisingly isn’t annoying at all though, and provides a bit of innovative flavor. You can listen to the whole album on their MySpace here. It comes out July 11th, and should be a great album for the summer.

The Automatic – Raoul



The Automatic – That’s What She Said



The Automatic – Keep Your Eyes Peeled



The Automatic – On The Campaign Trail




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