ALBUM PREVIEW: New London Fire – I Sing The Body Holographic

I get excited whenever I hear good music come out of New Jersey. The state in which I live in is too occupied with emo artists who prefer style over quality, with a large odd number of emo bands originating from the state. One new Jersey band I’ve been digging lately is New London Fire. For some reason, I’ve had their debut album I Sing The Body Holographic for a year now, though it releases next month. I found vague information about the band over that time, but recently they have been exposed a bit more, and I figured I should help in that process.

The frontman of the band is Dave Debiak, who was also responsible for the atmospheric pop band Dream Station. New London Fire’s debut album varies from dreamy ballads such as ‘Tonight’ to the rocking and keyboard driven ‘Different’. One of the highlights off of the album is ‘Someone Like You’, which is played off as an interaction of sorts. Boy meets girl, girl acts cruel and enjoys it, boy cries about it… that would be the short description of the song’s topic, though the vocal transitions are done particulary well with the male and female vocals combining for the catchy chorus. If you’re looking for a fun album that doesn’t take too long to grow on you, then I would recommend New London Fire’s impressive debut.


New London Fire – Tonight



New London Fire – Different



New London Fire – Someone Like You



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  1. Oh, that New London and not the one in Ct? Grannie always said to avoid NJ whenever possible no matter what is said to be there.

  2. Typo, his other band is Sleep Station not Dream Station.Also check out his other bands Electric Century album -‘For the night to control’, it has a better version of the song ‘someone like you ‘.

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