This week has been lacking of any exciting music news, so this isn’t much. All I can say though, is that I am ashamed to live in New Jersey while Corzine shuts down the entire state because he can’t handle his budget being rejected. Back to the music:

There are several groups pushing to have a bridge in Australia named after The Go-Betweens. The bridge is currently under construction, and the desire is to have it done as a tribute to the band’s late Grant McClennan, who died two months ago of a heart attack. McClennan was known as a musical visionary and a very likable person. One side of the bridge will be close to the campus where The Go-Betweens was formed and Robert Forster and McClennan met ( source ).

A biopic about the legendary singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley is in the works, with his mother being one of the two producers ( source ). Lily Allen got into some rough words while describing her country of England’s loss, calling David Beckham and coach Sven-Goran Eriksson “complete shit”, while going on to trash England’s political stances. I guess someone needs a front page feature ( source ). Tom Petty won’t sue the Red Hot Chili Peppers after all for basically ripping of ‘Mary Jane’s Last Dance’ on ‘Dani California’. This is actually not surprising, considering Petty’s laid back demeanor and his common knowledge that he is better and more talented either way ( source ). Also, sources say Radiohead may just go ahead and release their next album independently since their tenure with EMI is over.


Alison Goldfrapp had to cancel an appearance at Roskilde festival yesterday after suffering throat problems. I could make a joke about that, but it would be too blatant ( source ). The former Madonna producer Dallas Austin (what a porn star name) pleaded guilty to cocaine possession in Dubai. He won a grammy in 1997, and is due to face up to four years in prison ( source ). DMX is in jail again because he didn’t show up to court for automobile charges. It seems like he wants to get back in jail by now ( source ). And no, Jeff Mangum does not post on message boards.


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