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Obscure Sound: Best of April 2007


Here is the second compilation, gathering the best tracks featured on this site in April. The previous compilation in March went over well so I hope you enjoy this one just as much. As usual, you can either download the songs individually (by clicking on the song name) or as an entire RAR file by clicking the link below the track listing. Enjoy.

01. Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf (post)
02. Salem Al Fakir – This Is Who I Am (post)
03. The Clientele – Isn’t Life Strange? (post)
04. Dr. Dog – Alaska (post)
05. Luther Russell – Rise & Shine (post)
06. Erasure – Golden Heart (post)
07. The Mary Onettes – Lost (post)
08. The Midway State – Nobody Understands (post)
09. Ill Lillies – High Tyde (post)
10. World’s End Girlfriend – Dance For Borderline Miscanthus (post)
11. Thailand – Valley Vista (post)
12. Ancient Free Gardeners – When Your Years Are All Returned (post)
13. The Swede – The First Song on This Record (post)
14. The Milestone Corporation – Steven (post)
15. Great Northern – Just A Dream (post)

(69.8 MB, .RAR file)

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