New Dr. Dog Album in February

Excellent Philly-based psych-rockers Dr. Dog are returning in 2012 with Be the Void, set to be released February 7th via Anti-Records. The follow-up to

Quichenight – Quichenight I (2011)

Quichenight I, the first album by Boston native Brett Rosenberg's band Quichenight, is an enjoyable mix of laid-back acoustic guitar strumming, keyboard harmonies, and

You Won’t, But You Will

There are legions of folk artists influenced by the genreā€™s early roots, from Appalachian groundwork to intersections of bluegrass and jug bands. Some are

Lost in the Pancakes

Like many Elephant 6 acts, the solo project of Olivia Tremor Control keyboardist Peter Erchick has a mysterious enigma that is propelled by not

HAL Return… Finally

HAL were featured on Obscure Sound over five years ago. They were under-exposed then, and remain so now. That HAL have not released anything

Lauren’s Fall Playlist

Though we're forever resistant to let go of the warm weather, the transition from summer to fall is never unpleasant. Sweaters and autumn-colored foliage

Inches in Falling

It is hard not to root for Inches in Falling. Apart from the fact that they seem way beyond their years, their presentation as