Obscure Sound: Best of April 2008


It is a rare when a month does this, but I cannot recall a moment in April where I did not have something new and enjoyable to listen to. Whether I found myself humming to southern-rock, Swedish pop, intricate shoegaze, or sample-led electronica, both the diversity and quality presented by this month’s featured artists did not fail to please. I didn’t really appreciate the consistency of quality this month until I compiled this month’s compilation, featuring releases by the likes of My Morning Jacket, Quiet Village, The Explorers Club, and Bryan Scary that are already a few of my favorites for the year. If you have not been following the posts for the past few months, I hope these tracks find as much enjoyment for you as they did for me.

01. My Morning Jacket – Two Halves (post)
02. The Explorers Club – Don’t Forget the Sun (post)
03. Quiet Village – Pacific Rhythm (post)
04. Håkan Hellström – För sent för Edelweiss (post)
05. Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears – Flight of the Knife (Part Two) (post)
06. Centro-matic – Quality Strange (post)
07. Chin Chin – Miami (post)
08. This Is Ivy League – London Bridges (post)
09. Cinderpop – Cinnamon Winter (post)
10. Soundpool – The Divides of March (post)
11. Russian Red – Nice Thick Feathers (post)
12. Bravo Johnson – Are You Dreaming? (post)
13. Bill Priddle – Like to Smoke (post)
14. Years Around The Sun – Failing At Art (post)
15. Needers & Givers – Digging (post)


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