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Interview with The Flaming Lips

At 49, Wayne Coyne and his quartet of space-a-delic freaks have earned a Grammy, covered Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” in its entirety, and toured relentlessly across the world. Currently on tour for Embryonic, the s...

Obscure Sound: Best of February 2010

The best songs from February are rounded up for your convenience. Among the 11 stars are The Morning Benders, The Radio Dept., Lali Puna, The Kissaway Trail, and Wilderness Survival.


The Morning Benders – Big Echo (2010)

The Morning Benders' highly anticipated album, Big Echo, finds the four-piece at a place of confidence and cohesiveness.

A Brief Smile for a Sunshine State

I was a bit weary when Bishop Allen began their EP project, where they released an EP once every month for the entirety of 2006. Why rush artistic integrity and spoil the chances of a full-length masterpiece in the process? Man...


Old Canes Follow the Feral Harmonic

The “Omaha Sound” is one of the few stylistically determinable phrases of this decade that lacks pretentiousness and overwrought conceptual tasks. To describe a stylistic trend during a specific era, we tend to resort to concoc...

The Yes Pleases

Most of the time, this site features artists that are deemed “obscure” despite some recent buzz. An artist previously covered by a major publication is rarely featured, mainly because I would feel irrelevant in writ...


Noah and the Whale

An appreciation for film is arguably the most common first step in uncovering and eventually admiring the arts. Contrary to the conventional uses of music, photography, or painting, children are exposed to both educational and ...

Home Video Makes It OK

Although they may not realize it, high school students are in incredibly unique circumstances. They have a general comprehension of the occupational process and the basic decisions that mold their future, but their current ideo...


The High Dials Move to Moon Country

As evidenced on Monday with Andre Ethier’s excellent Born of Blue Fog, January is often a time for this site to explore releases that I may have overlooked in 2008. It is not by any means intentional, as no one could possibly l...

I am Robot and Proud

In the midst of all the experimental methodical techniques found in contemporary electronic music, there is one ideology that tends to occasionally go overlooked: the importance of melody. Atmospheric perception is a vital qual...