Obscure Sound: Best of November 2009


Music and tums are true post-Thanksgiving delights. As the latter appeases our stomachs after binges of food and drink, music soothes us with its accessibility and lack of commercialism. TV and radio become tiresome with all those Black Friday advertisements and we all arrive at a point where familial small-talk becomes grueling. Music is an obvious refuge for pure entertainment as a result (after the obligatory nap, of course). Most holidays are like this, and with the month most associated with them now here it only makes a compilation like this more appropriate. Music always plays a big role in some form in these months, whether it involves listening to a group of carolers or using headphones to make the family’s Christmas party less painful for yourself.

With the holidays and new year also comes one of the most exciting times of the year for Obscure Sound. As always, you can expect the “Best Albums of 2009” feature in the coming weeks. Other fun year-end features will be published sporadically before and after that, in addition to any potential 2010 breakouts that I come across. I have been assembling this year’s best-of feature for some time now and it is looking great. I look forward to sharing it. For now though, enjoy the great artists featured here throughout the month of November. There is plenty to give thanks for here, as this compilation and the ten preceding ones this year have suggested.

01. Afternoon Naps – Beach Bums (post)
02. Brazos – Day Glo (post)
03. The Roofwalkers – Port of Calls (post)
04. Cats on Fire – The Borders of This Land (post)
05. The Silent League – Here’s a Star (post)
06. Savoir Adore – The Scientific Findings of Dr. Rousseau (post)
07. Mr. Gnome – Vampires (post)
08. I Heart Hiroshima – Pink Frost (post)
09. King Midas Sound – Cool Out (post)
10. Flotation Walls – The Flickering Projection (post)
11. Ruby Throat – Billows Her Skirt (post)
12. Morningbell – Marching Off to War (post)
13. Cantinero – My House (post)
14. Savoir Adore – We Talk Like Machines (post)
15. Brazos – My Buddy (post)


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