Posted February 18, 2011 by Mike Mineo in Features

New Radiohead: “Lotus Flower”

Here is the first unveiled track from upcoming Radiohead LP8 The King of Limbs, which will likely be released sometime in the next 24 hours. In the meantime, check out this bizarre video of “Lotus Flower”. Even back when “Moon Upon a Stick” was also attached as its title, it was evident that “Lotus Flower” could be something special with some keen studio work. I haven’t listened to “Lotus Flower” enough yet to form a definitive opinion, but there are certainly some great moments in there (I love the synth pad/drum interaction two minutes in, and the lovely atmospheric interlude at 03:22 – short but sweet). Anyone else getting Hail to the Thief vibes? Some glimpses of “Where I End and You Begin” in there. Some of the percussion-heavy In Rainbows tracks also ring a bell. Either way, it looks like Radiohead followed through on an initial promise again. This certainly makes up for canceling the unveiling in Japan. Enjoy!

The MP3 is not very high quality, so I suggest you click on the Youtube video, select the 1080p option, put on some nice headphones, and enjoy…

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

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