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I wrote in depth about the excellent start-up GroopEase last week, noting it as a great way to find new music and support the artists at a discounted rate (with a portion going to charity). Now we’re going to hold a contest, where you can be just as supportive for FREE. They’re essentially giving out $100 worth of credits that will enable two winners on this site to purchase excellent new music, much of which is available exclusively on Groopease at a discounted rate. The winners get $50 each, and considering most albums on Groopease run in the $5 range, the prize will have quite the lifespan.

Entering is simple. Register for Groopease here (which is free), and then reply to this post with the response to the following: On Obscure Sound’s “Best of March 2011” compilation, which song did you enjoy the most and why?

Just make sure to register on GroopEase first, and then in the comment field below make sure to give your VALID e-mail. This is how I will be reaching you if you win, so if you provide a non-working e-mail there will be no way for you to claim your $50 credit. The contest ends on April 25th. Then I will select the two winners.

To get $50 in credit to purchase great music, all you have to do is a sign up and post a comment below. Sounds worth it to me. Best of luck!

Mike Mineo

I'm the founder/editor of Obscure Sound, which was formed in 2006. Previously, I wrote for PopMatters and Stylus Magazine.

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  1. i enjoyed the colin stetson track, “a dream of water”, most of all. its combination of virtuoso playing, interesting recording technique, and the inclusion of laurie anderson’s poem reading make it special. with a lot of instrumental music, it’s hard to find purchase without the guiding thread of a human voice and some lyrics. i think that stetson does a really great job of including that without compromising his artistic vision of contemporary jazz music.

  2. Before March I was just as guilty as most Americans in that I was clueless to Nicolas Makelberge. I am probably bias because I am a fan of electro pop but this song (and album) never cease to amaze me. Many may find this music cheesy and overdone but to me the synths and lyrics bring a beautiful life to my day. The song So Young was released over four years ago which in today’s information age is nearly a generation. The pure fact that this album remained undiscovered by me for so long yet was experienced as if I was the first to hear it was similar to the first time I found New Order’s Temptation 10 years after it was released. The song captures the youthful playfulness of 80s pop musically and lyrically. It jolts me out of my winter coma and brings me to life which is only fitting that it was revealed to me like a flower at the start of spring. I can’t get enough of my kitschy lifeblood, I am so glad I have Nicolas Makelberge to fuel my spring into summer this year and you should have it as well.

  3. My favorite track had to be “German Reggae” by the Teenage Panzerkorps. it was my favourite for three reasons:

    1) It made me want to dance

    2) It made German sound sexy

    3) Best band name ever

    Sexy, German teens. What’s not to love!

  4. My favorite track was by the Chairs – This isn’t a Fire Fortress. I thought the song was really great and it reminded me of Neutral Milk Hotel, a band that I love. It has a great indie rock feel to it and its quite well done. I love the dude’s voice – he sounds like if Ben Gibbard had a love child with the singer from Neutral Milk Hotel.

  5. The track I most enjoyed would have to be “Samsara Drag” by The Great Society Mind Destroyers. The instruments have a hint of Sonic Youth to them and create an acid rock atmosphere. The eerie, almost ethereal vocals greatly contribute to the band’s sound. It’s interesting to see what kind of emotions the song invokes.

  6. Jesus is a Rochdale Girl for three reasons….

    1) I’m a folk whore

    2) it has fun little keyboard riffs

    3) I have long subscribed to the theory that Jesus IS a Rochdale girl

  7. I liked The Chairs “This Isn’t a Fire Fortress” because -no joke- it reminds me of The Monkees. Yes, as in “Hey, Hey, Hey, We’re the…” Back in the day I dug that show. I don’t even know why I was watching it, but I did. And I’ll be honest, The Beatles are nothing special to me because of my love of the Monkees. Heresy, I know.

    But The Chairs totally get that vibe. I can see these guys running up and down the beach singing this song. It has a retro feel despite its beep-boopery. Makes me happy every time I turn it on.

  8. Hard to choose… I really loved the Foo Fighter sound of Bridges…it’s impossible to listen to it and not dance!

    But I’d have to pick the hazy, psychedelic pop sound of The Great Society Mind Destroyers. The intro groove was pretty (too) long comprising a 3rd of the track, but after that it got really good when they broke into full jam after that. Cream would be proud.

  9. I have to go with Elbow, closely followed by The Chairs. Jesus is a Rochdale girl is mellow and full but somehow really epic at the same time, as is the whole of their latest album.

  10. I personally really love the new Junior Boys ep because they keep that amazing synth pop sound going without making it cheesy. I love that they are Canadian which I will always support. The vocals are so solid and I have seen them live a few times and it is top notch live and listening to this song makes me want to hear this live.
    A funny story was when I was waiting to see them for their last album, they were watching the opening act in the back of the venue and my friend and I were also in the back. I knew it was them but my friend didn’t and he said “they look like two bums that don’t want to be here and their girlfriends dragged them to the show.” Really they do look like bums but can make a nice sound out of those synths.

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