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Stream: Carpels – Neon Sessions

Here’s an update on Birmingham-based crossover band The Carpels, featured previously here. I’m certain this lot are worth keeping in touch with.

The UK five-piece, comprised of mega-talented musicians all under the age of 19, just released a new video from a live recording session at Neon Studios. The video, below, features three of the band’s latest and most prominent tracks, which takes The Carpels in a slightly different and altogether intriguing new sonic direction.

The heavier, crossover nature of their punk-meets-dance sound (which I liked, to be fair) has been turned down a few levels with the new material, which draws the band more towards the Maccabees with less dubstep and electronic parts involved. Don’t panic though; the attitude, drive, and overall quality of The Carpels’ blueprints are still there, that’s for damn sure. For example, on the first effort, “L Over Effect”, it’s all about the progressive drums and entertaining (thoroughly edgy) riff-tastic elements. Nifty stuff. We look forward to seeing how The Carpels move forward and record. The rest of 2012 seems poised to bring them plenty of excitement and recognition.

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