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MP3: Kite Sun Kid – “The Cage and the Animal”

MP3: Kite Sun Kid – “The Cage and the Animal”

The gorgeously complex guitar work of art-rock trio Kite Sun Kid is the most initially striking aspect of “The Cage and the Animal”, a captivating effort from their eponymous three-track EP. The fast-paced trickles of guitar flow beautifully over hectic snares and cymbal hits, approaching a lushly active jazz, math-rock, and art-rock hybrid reminiscent of Field Music’s ambitious scope. After a purely instrumental first minute, “The Cage and the Animal” introduces the airy vocals of Guy Zaccardi, who frequently alters his tempo and intensity; the latter feature is apparent quickly as he transitions from a hectic whisper to an excitable quiver. Combined with Rhema Marshall’s virtuoso guitar work and Mikael Swanson’s stunning percussive effort, the track shows a band bound to generate interest. I can’t wait to hear more from this Portland-based trio.

Below is a video the band shot with their friend Matt at MapacheFilms:

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