Video: Los Encantados – “Ghosts”

Los Encantados’ new video for the superb track “Ghosts” (MP3) is suave and carefree. It embodies the feeling of exhilaration on a beautiful day, when you’re walking around the city without a stressful thought on your mind. Go ahead and play Scrabble by the river, run up the stairs to the rooftop, or have your own mini-block party. Dance in the streets, and walk with a slight hop. Live life. The video to “Ghosts” embodies sunlit spontaneity in the best way possible. It just makes you feel good. Even without the visual accompaniment, the Brooklyn-based six-piece are frequently capable of this. Their knack for throwback, summer-friendly rockers is extraordinary.

You may remember this initial post with several streams, as well as our premiere of “Maritime (Wagner’s Dither Down Disco Dub)” in May. These songs exemplify their love of surf-rock and throwback pop in the vein of Jonathan Richman or Little Joy, who recall the style’s chirpiest and most accessibly recognizable aspects without appearing overly sentimental or dependent on the era. Alas, Los Encantados do not abandon the suave NYC indie-rock sound of The Strokes or The Virgins. With a breezy, nonchalant, hook-filled sound, they’re destined to explode shortly.

Los Encantados’ most recent album, The Same Damned Soul, is a true story that took place over the summer of 2010 in France and New York. Most of it was written “on the F train to Coney Island and on the C train to Rockaway during the summer of 2011.” Look for new material on the way very shortly. I’ll keep you updated.

MP3: Los Encantados – Maritime (Wagner’s Dither Down Disco Dub)

Official Site / Bandcamp

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