MP3: Jessica Hernandez – “Young Dumb & Drunk”

Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas

MP3: Jessica Hernandez – Young Dumb & Drunk

Detroit-based Jessica Hernandez – and her band The Deltas – produce a dreamy sound steeped in slow acoustic strums, toy box twinkles, and most prominently Hernandez’s soaring voice. At first listen of “Young Dumb & Drunk” (the track is more morose than the title entails) it’s easy to compare her typical dream-pop delivery to Beach House’s Victoria Legrand, though the track’s acoustic flow also reminds of Marissa Nadler’s ability to project her voice over barren yet beautiful soundscapes. Sounding like a Legrand-Nadler collaboration isn’t bad, though I’m sure the fact she recently signed to a major label (EMI) will bring out Lana Del Rey comparisons as well. Major’s recognize at this point how well delicate dream-pop with a strong lead fares. “Young Dumb & Drunk” is like a dream in that regard — slow and straightforward, but haunting and ethereal while being accessible. Unlike many similar finds, Hernandez and The Deltas look to have staying power.

Hernandez was recently featured in Metro Times, where she spoke about cancelling a meeting with EMI, among other things, like her upbringing and musical growth: “I was literally in my apartment making dinner for myself and hanging out,” she said. “My cell phone rings, and it’s the label’s president, Ian Ralfini. We ended up getting along great. We talked about music and life. He was excited and wanted to fly me to New York to meet me. I agreed. I had met my current manager at Rust Belt Studios in Royal Oak and he was interested in working with me. I said that he could be my manager and told him about the meeting with Blue Note. He was thinking like a manager would, asking me what was I gonna do? Negotiate a record deal by myself? I was like, ‘I dunno.’ They told me to cancel the flight, have the label come here, we’ll do it at the loft in a couple of months, they’ll see me in my own environment. But to cancel a meeting with a label like that? I was crapping my pants.”

Below is the video for “Young Dumb & Drunk”, which Hernandez edited herself:

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  1. She signed with Blue Note, which is a subsidiary of Capital Records, which is a subsidiary of BMI.

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