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Dream-pop songstress Tamaryn will release her sophomore full-length, Tender New Signs, on October 16th via Mexican Summer. She dropped the album’s first single, “I’m Gone“, today. Slow and brooding like many excellent pieces on her debut The Waves, and with the gauzy wall of guitar and bass-led sound, “I’m Gone” is a booming breakup track with a tinge of heartbreak over Tamaryn’s delicate and somber vocals. The album’s aim appears to be a personal one. “In making this record, I hoped to transcend the mundane world, by living in a new one of my own creation,” Tamaryn said, “now it’s time to invite everyone else in it with me.”

Tender New Signs was created in partnership with Tamaryn’s longtime collaborator and San Francisco native Rex John Shelverton. “Rex and I met in New York City where I was living in the early ‘00s,” Tamaryn said. “We bonded instantly and over time started sharing ideas for songs. Eventually we began to collaborate on some recordings, traveling between coasts until the project inspired me to move to California indefinitely.” These collaborations resulted in several singles and the Led Astray, Washed Ashore EP.

“Rex finds that getting in the studio and taking things apart to adjust the subtleties of their sonics inspires him to want to play guitar more in general, and therefore is probably the biggest influence on how we make music,” she continued. “We like the idea of seeing how far we can take what we have, and we work best together without too many other distractions. The Waves found us in this ‘minimal wall of sound,’ so we took that style and applied it to these more defined song structures.”



01. I’m Gone

02. While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming

03. Heavenly Bodies

04. No Exits

05. Prizma

06. The Garden

07. Transcendent Blue

08. Afterlight

09. Violet’s in a Pool

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