MP3: The Bodyboarders – “Maria”

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MP3: The Bodyboarders – “Maria”

“Every song is written and recorded in a few hours in our little bedroom studio called ‘Bungalow Beach’,” one-half of The Bodyboarders, Peter Darlington, says. “We’re really into capturing things quickly.” This spontaneity is one reason why the surf-pop revivalists are so engaging, but another is their clever fusing of traditional surf elements with indie-pop sentiments, like the croaking and exuberant croon during the chorus, where they pay tribute to the track’s namesake, “Maria”. It’s actually the weaker section of the track, at least compared to the breezy and more surf-oriented verses. Here, the bubbly bass line and slight touch of strings is a nice complement; they speak of Malibu, sunny dreams, and “paddling out to catch a wave in the haze of the sunshine.” We’ve heard similar descriptions, and have gotten used to songs with similar dispositions, but “Maria” is worth a listen nonetheless, especially for fans of The Drums, Explorers Club, Los Encantados, and other intelligent songwriters that balance surf revivalism and contemporary pop flair.


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