Full EP: Girls Casino – Please Be Back Soon

girls casino

MP3: Girls Casino – “Girls”

The utter lack of information surrounding Girls Casino adds to the mystique of their music, a vein of nocturnal electro-pop that mixes dreamy intoxication with hard-thumping club choruses. They are part of a dozen or so Canadian artists on Soundcloud that follow each other, many of them specializing in electronica that pursues ambition and experimentation without abandoning a central hook. Much of the material is accessible to fans of vintage electronica (Italo-disco, spacesynth, etc.) and newer variations alike, especially chillwave and contemporary dance. Girls Casino present some of that circle’s best tunes, highlighted most prominently by “Girls”. Its beginnings are somewhat deceiving compared to its explosive progression. A bubbly synth wavers as a glistening keyboard arpeggio shines in the background, its prominence sporadically shifting – like when your head bobs between underwater and above. But it takes less than a minute for the pulsating club influences to shine; a fluttering synth pad absorbs the background as twinkles illuminate over a serene female vocal performance. The remainder of the track revolves around this heartbeat of a chorus, with accompaniments in the form of playful keys and warbled synth-bass (similar to Swedish pop group jj) pop up sporadically. It’s a stunning effort, and a great introduction to Girls Casino, whoever they are.

Other highlights on the album, apparently entitled Please Be Back Soon and streaming free below, include “Blush” and “You’re Mine”. All of it is recommended, especially if you’re a fan of atmospheric electronic acts like Chromatics and jj:

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