MP3: Mykus – “Electric Fizz” (ft. Fruit Shoes)

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MP3: Mykus – “Electric Fizz” (ft. Fruit Shoes)

Mykus aka Mikus is an idiosyncratic producer from Leeds who touts a skilled manipulation of sound, particularly with his vocal production. On “Electric Fizz”, various vocal layers topple over one another like dominoes, as he plays with various pitches and robotic effects. It makes for some oddly engaging sounds, with the experimental vocal additions resembling Hot Chip at their most ambitious. The musical accompaniment is far from plain vanilla, too.  A clicking lead bounces like popcorns in a microwave, or like the sound of popping bubble wrap with the pitch raised significantly. Drugs and headphones will likely make it sound like your brain cells are popping. Don’t let that get you paranoid. The majority of Mykus’ tunes are relaxing and serene, even as the experimental tendencies demand at least some attention from your mind.

Various vocal samples also cut in and out, similar to how Air France employed audio samples so seamlessly over tropical rhythms. Mykus explores darker and more expansive territory with “Troctolite”, which rivals the likes of Aphex Twin in disturbed atmosphere and unexpected hooks. This is a track not nearly as sugar or immediately addictive as “Electric Fizz”, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. “Pressing Flowers”, with its random percussion reveals and exuberant vocal delivery, finds a similar satisfaction. Check out the rest of Mykus’ work for free on his Soundcloud.

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