MP3: Swank Motel – “Away’s Away”

swank motel atlanta

“Away’s Away” is a very solid garage-rock track that pays homage to both ’00s indie-rock and early ’90s alternative. Atlanta-based Swank Motel bring a youthful energy to their admiration for past greats, mostly of the indie-rock variety — but with prominent shades of post-punk and jangle-pop. Waves of rhythmic distortion help lead the fervent opening verses, a trait that reminds of The Strokes throughout several of Swank Motel’s tracks, especially on the highly melodic “Birds”. The meat of “Away’s Away” is its exceptional bridge and ensuing chorus, signaled by the phrase “it was gone before I could turn around.” The track reverts back to the initial verse after the bridge’s first appearance, but reveals a stunning piece of emotive jangle-pop after its second entry. Unpredictable structural turns like these make Swank Motel considerably better than so many acts with similar inspirations and ambition. Swank Motel just execute it better than most.

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