MP3: The Zolas – “Knot in My Heart”

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MP3: The Zolas – “Knot in My Heart”

The poppy “Knot in My Heart” is getting some positive early press, perhaps a sign of good things to come for The Zolas’ sophomore album Ancient Mars, out October 2nd on Light Organ Records. A pulsating bubbly bass kicks off the track as a guitars and a wavering frequency remain steady. A playful piano accompaniment and a jagged guitar rhythm bounce under the vocals, which resemble The Shins’ James Mercer in its jubilant airiness. “I wake up some days with a knot in my heart,” the chorus goes, a delightful enhancement of the original verse’s instrumentation. The change isn’t dramatic, and there isn’t much variation to speak of, but the fun-loving infectiousness of “Knot in My Heard” inspires replays regardless. The full-length is being produced by former Wu-Tang producer Chuck Brody, so we can expect several tracks to have unforeseeable twists.

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