Stream: Mark Lenover – “Ladders”

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“Ladders” sounds queasy and bleak, like a fever-induced nightmare accompanied by fog machines and drizzling rain. Mark Lenover’s voice is very similar to a fellow Canadian, Neil Young. His nasally melancholy would probably be suitable for hard-rocking jams as well. “Ladders” is more of a contemplative crawl, led by grimy sounds of guitar effects and tinny percussion. The instrumentation would fit brilliantly on the Eraserhead soundtrack. The opening lyrics depict a similar type of post-urban decay as well: “In the spaces between you, me, and God, there were towers rising up past the clouds, built by poets out of inkwells on a golden arch.” Spectators would look up at the sky and see them pursuing artistic endeavors, until “their ladders came crashing to the ground, and the towers all came crumbling down.” You know, “they had buckled under the weight of a trillion stars.” The death of art as we know it? Not with this track, at least.

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