MP3: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – “Scratch”


Letting Up Despite Great Faults has already made the press rounds; they earned acclaim from Rolling Stone, NPR, and USA Today for their self-titled full-length debut in 2009. Most raved about the dream-pop group’s ability to produce a nostalgic twinkle then, and it’s no different now with their follow-up, Untogether. Their sound is more polished and ever-embracing of dream-pop/electro-pop fusions, and what remains is their knack for ethereal beauty and shimmering hooks you’d expect from new-wave and post-punk greats; it results in their best album yet. Music schools are useful for many aspiring musicians, but these group are already well-schooled enough. The second track on Untogether, “Scratch”, sounds like a cross between The Radio Dept. and New Order, with a gauzy production fitted for shoegaze. Mike Lee’s vocals tout a serene whisper that sounds as angelic as a male voice could get, a highly melodic and polished tone reminiscent of Johan Duncanson. New Order comparisons are more relevant in the instrumental sector, as the shimmering guitar bursts match cohesively with synth pads both playful and tightly concise in their arrangement. It’s more pop goodness from the four-piece, who continue to churn out quality tunes from their Austin, Texas studio.


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