MP3: Garage Voice – “The Messenger”

Even at its most straightforward, gospel music tends to be inaccessible; its lyrical overtones are simply not for everyone. And let’s face it, if it wasn’t for their audible religious fervor, many groups of that ilk would not be as successful. The music of Seattle-based trio Garage Voice will have devotees regardless of whether they’re singing about religion or junk food. They’re a gospel act that writes quality songs, thanks to a dazzling garage-rock repertoire that includes nods to Memphis soul. It’s just a great, accessible sound. Although Garage Voice’s lyrics showcase moral decisions that derive from scripture, it’s never in the mindlessly oblivious sing-along nature of most popular Christian acts. It’s stuff everyone can relate to, like “The Messenger” and its focus on overcoming low points. “Bad refection corrupting my heart, my soul, and my mind / How long ’til you break?” An uplifting organ wavers over the mix as flashes of distorted guitars provide bouncy correspondence to the percussion. Garage Voice are technically a gospel group, but their songs aren’t of the typical religious music ilk. While some of their lyrics may come across as far-reaching or generic to listeners, those looking for more on the lyrical front will be pleased with the band’s astute garage-rock sound.


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  1. Wow these guys are great, I did not really pay much attention to this type of music until I saw a band just like these guys on Art Radio and was really impressed with them. Art Radio is a great place to find new upcoming musicians who are looking to make a name for themselves.

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