MP3: Heaven’s Gateway Drugs – “Highway Hypnosis”

MP3: Heaven’s Gateway Drugs – “Highway Hypnosis”

Psych-rockers Heaven’s Gateway Drugs describe their native Fort Wayne, Indiana as rampant with “churches and strip clubs”, a stark contrast if there ever was one. Such a jumbled co-existence is nowhere to be found in the group’s music, though. Their love shows are no different, as a typical performance “flows outward through liquid light projection, burning incense, and the inclusive mantra ‘You are Heaven’s Gateway Drugs.'” Whatever that means, this is some heady stuff. Their new five-track release, CPF Cassette, features a lot to love, but two standouts come to my mind — “Highway Hypnosis” and “No Lonely Fate”. The former is a fun romp featuring thumping, tambourine-added percussion over raw and nonchalant vocals. It reaches swirling heights during a chorus that resembles power-pop bliss, with the brilliantly placed “ooh-ooh”ing background vocals bringing to mind Teenage Fanclub. “No Lonely Fate” is a brisker and energized effort more reminiscent of nostalgic rockers like The Dandy Warhols, with a jangly guitar lead and thunderous percussion paving the way. Still, the energized structure leaves room for flexible guitar play, and shows the band plenty capable of complex guitar leads in the vein of groups like Real Estate. CPF Cassette is a highly recommended release from the Indiana-based five-piece.

MP3: Heaven’s Gateway Drugs – “No Lonely Fate”

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