MP3: Pojke – “Black Eye”

My first exposure to Sindri Sigfússon was in 2007, when I came across one of his many projects, Seabear. With their album The Ghost That Carried Us Away, the Icelandic frontman’s eclectic songwriting was apparent. The album featured a wide palate of styles, from lo-fi indie-folk twangs to erupting glitch-pop anthems. It was a very satisfying release, but also suggested that Sigfússon would be a man of many projects, each devoted to a particular stylistic interest. Since gentle electronic infusions were one of the best aspects of The Ghost That Carried Us Away, it’s hardly surprising that Sigfússon chose an electronic route with his solo efforts. Up to this point, his most prominent presence is as Sin Fang, under which he has released several albums of chilled-out electronica with atmospheric uses of guitar. Check out one of Sin Fang’s best below; the breezy and capricious electro-acoustic appeal of “Only Eyes” hits the spot as one of Sigfússon’s most accessible efforts.

As for the track above, “Black Eye” is a brand new track from a relatively new alias, Pojke. This side project is heavier on the dance beats, but done in tastily atmospheric form; it reminds of The Knife’s hypnotic use of stretched-out vocal pitches and seasonal synth tone shifts. Buzzing synths kick off each verse with a nostalgic chiptune effect, which collides with modern dance synths to craft erupting, club-ready pulsations. The chorus, where “black eye” is met with several vocal pitch shifts, isn’t too far from Hot Chip’s polished vein of electro-pop. Hot Chip and The Knife are some admirable comparisons, but a stellar effort like “Black Eye” deserves them. MP3


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