MP3: Steve Vibes – “Highland Park”

MP3: Steve Vibes – “Highland Park”

Steve Vibes’ new track, “Highland Park”, brings a certain cheesiness that evokes ’80s nostalgia, relatively similar to the past-meets-present feel of Destroyer efforts like “Chinatown“. “Highland Park” isn’t nearly as ambitious as Destroyer’s sprawling orchestral folk; it’s an instrumental track with a trickling guitar lead and sputters of synth, of the twinkling supplementary variety and booming synth-bass. Stevie Vibes (Brooklyn-based Stephen Griesgraber) is more in the vein of James Ferraro, who turns colorful instrumentals into memorable adverts for a decade past, lived on by albums and soundtracks that look best complemented by a trashy, neon glow. Something like “94 East” even recalls the underrated infectiousness of rock music in 1980s Japan, with artists like Tak Matsumoto and The B’z coming to mind. Soaring guitars and highly melodic arrangements tend to be a staple, and the very vocal guitar on “94 East” reminds heavily of that. The guitar and synth alignments past the two-minute mark remind of that, and carefree optimism… people wearing huge earrings, shoulder pads, parachute pants, and other ’80s garb on a summer’s day, dancing without a care in the world. You can’t go wrong with tasteful nostalgia.


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