MP3: Swim Deep – “Honey” (Love Thy Brother Remix)

I don’t usually post remixes. Hype Machine’s charts usually take care of that. But Love Thy Brother’s remix of “Honey” is too good for me to pass up. Half of the brotherly duo, Conor Clarke, contributes to Earmilk and premiered the remix there on Tuesday. “I’ve been following the British quartet [Swim Deep] since their breakthrough track “King City” and have felt for a long time that these guys are going to be huge,” he wrote. “We wanted to leave some of that upbeat dreamy quality of Swim Deep’s music but come up with something a little harder and intense. To try and make that happen we drew on a bunch of our major influences from Daft Punk to Fred Falke.”

The original version of “Honey” (below) presents fun-loving ’80s power-pop nostalgia. It has an instant pop appeal that makes their recent signing to a big label (Sony’s RCA) obvious. Love Thy Brother take those dreamy memories of ’80s rock and transform it into a cutting-edge burst of arpeggiated electronica, complete with flourishes of electric guitar and gargles of synth. The result sounds something like Ford & Lopatin, but even more native to traditional club influences. Swim Deep have already climbed the Hype Machine charts with remixes of Lana Del Rey and Metric, but I wouldn’t be surprised if “Honey” becomes their most popular remix to date. It’s certainly my favorite. Download the MP3 at their Facebook.


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