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Another California-based group for your listening pleasure, Black Kaweah lead with the spectral folky twang you’d expect from a loose San Francisco collective. “Oak Valley” is a fine highlight off their self-titled full-length debut, available above in full — in three different formats! We always love a band savvy enough to release a FLAC version of their album for free, especially one that already sounds as good as Black Kaweah. Expect FLAC distribution to become the norm when internet connections get even quicker. Back to the album, “Oak Valley” begins with a gentle stream of twanged guitars, as an enveloping cymbal signals the entry of a chugging kick drum. Soft acoustic flutters interweave with a reverberating electric tone, a perfect complement to the gravelly and slight snarl of the vocals, which ascend from muttered nonchalance to soaring elegance reminiscent of Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste. The final minute provides a surprising, jazz-edged instrumental twist with a lively piano backing. It’s one example of the band’s knack for vibrant arrangements. The absolutely gorgeous opener, “Blood & Bone”, is another testament to that., Listen to both, and you’ll be convinced to download Black Kaweah’s full-length in a heartbeat.

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