Washed Out – “The Sound of Creation”

washed out - sound of creation

“The Sound of Creation” is a brand new effort from Washed Out’s Ernest Greene, who continues to deliver lushly balanced chillwave with sweeping synth pads and icy melodic twinkles. Somewhat ironic for a DIY pop movement leader, the track is for an advertisement campaign. Electronics giant Philips is behind it.  Greene probably received a hefty payday for scoring their “Sound of Creation” campaign, an “interactive musical story” where Greene’s new track plays over phrases like “The idea. Find it. Grow it. The abstract takes shape.” Meanwhile, a video plays of a mouth chewing bubblegum, a pen clicking, and a cloud of colorful smoke. View the incredibly trippy experience here. Hopefully this is indication of some upcoming material from Washed Out, whose previous full-length was 2011’s Within and Without (review).

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