Belgian Fog – “Wait for Help”

Belgian Fog

Belgian Fog is the work of 23-year-old Washington native Robert Dale, who churns out jumpy electro-pop from his LA residence. Dale compares his work to The xx and Foster the People, “electronic rock with a semi-serious tone” he calls it. His enjoyable new track “Wait for Help” sits somewhere in the middle of those comparisons; it’s livelier than The xx’s stark beauty, but not nearly to the ear-shattering tenacity of Foster the People. The recently featured Dutch Uncles are a better comparison. “Wait for Help” rides on a glossy synth lead that resembles an ectopic heartbeat, with casual bloops before a pause precedes a jumpier and higher-pitched conclusion. The arrangements seem frenzied, yet Dale’s calm vocals reassuringly keep it a relaxed pace. Think Gotye’s breathiness mixed with Jens Lekman’s melodically conversational approach. This is a tidy and fun track that shows Dale’s tremendous promise.


Mike Mineo

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  1. Very impressive track. He looks extremely angry in the press shot, which doesn’t seem to suit his poppy falsetto vocal at all, but the track is solid.

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