The Veils – “Through the Deep, Dark Wood”

The Veils - Time Stays, We Go

Like HAL, The Veils were a group featured in Obscure Sound’s first year (2006). Valuing patience, both artists released just one album apiece in the following 6 years. HAL finally released a follow-up late last year, while The Veils put out the superb yet overlooked Sun Gangs in 2009. Apart from a hard-to-find 2011 EP released on frontman Finn Andrews’ own label after departing Rough Trade, The Veils have been relatively quiet since then… until now. A few days ago on Facebook, the band revealed the first track off their upcoming album Time Stays, We Go, due out on April 23rd. The Veils have a number of starkly beautiful folk-inspired efforts with a somber touch in their past, like “Talk Down the Girl“, but new track “Through the Deep, Dark Wood” is certainly of the fun-loving rock variety — much like Sun Gangs stunner “The Letter“. Andrews’ vocals carry with more enthusiasm and clarity, with a bombastic chorus that thrills with roaring guitars and anthemic percussion. It’s more radio-friendly than emotionally invested or heartbroken, like the bulk of The Veils’ earlier material, but it’s a great start to Time Stays, We Go nonetheless.

Andrews, the son of XTC keyboardist Barry Andrews, has collaborated with plenty of greats since The Veils’ 2004 debut, and it’s no different on their new album. Former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler produced their previous EP and 2004 debut The Runaway Found. For Time Stays, We Go, The Veils allegedly convinced famed producer Bill Price (The Clash, Sex Pistols, Tom Jones) to come out of retirement to handle the mixing. It shows how much respect venerable musicians/producers have for Andrews’ craft. Andrews and Adam Greenspan produced an album sure to receive plenty of airplay. You’d never expect a track off The Runaway Found or Nux Vomica to appear on a show like 90210, which “Through the Deep, Dark Wood” already has. But hey, it’s well-deserved publicity that has been a long time coming.

For Time Stays, We Go track listing:

1. Through the Deep, Dark Wood
2. Train with No Name
3. Candy Apple Red
4. Dancing with the Tornado
5. The Pearl
6. Sign of Your Love
7. Turn From the Rain
8. Birds
9. Another Night on Earth
10. Out From the Valley & Into the Stars

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  1. Such an energetic track that makes you want to jump on a table and dance. Can’t wait to jam this in my car this summer!

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