23:23 – “All of My Heart”


2323 - torero

23:23 is the “nocturnal and fuzzy” solo project of Rami Vierula, frontman of previously featured dream-pop favorites Delay Trees.  Torero is his third album under the 23:23 moniker, and contains some of the Finnish songwriter’s best work. “All of My Heart” is parts shoegaze ode and parts garage-rock anthem, the crunchy distortion of the former being particularly evident in the enveloping rhythm guitar. The garage-rock aspect comes out most in the twangy guitar lead, and most prominently Vierula’s enthusiastic vocal delivery, which is sonorous and fleeting. His tone sits somewhere between Jeff Mangum’s soaring croon and Zach Condon’s narrative quiver, perfect for the infectious haze of “All of My Heart”.


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