Isaiah The Mosaic – “The Obvious”

Isaiah The Mosaic

Out of the burgeoning Austin, Texas music scene comes Isaiah The Mosaic, a five-piece whose hypnotic psych-pop sound blurs together for an entrancingly cohesive experience — much like the cover art for their debut release, Systems, above. Released in February, Systems opens impressively with “The Obvious”, led by wispy synth pads, echoing percussion, and jangly guitar whispers. The vocals retain the dreamy tendences of the style, nonchalantly chirpy with a budding melodic delivery during the verse. The chorus reaches sparkling heights, as the vocals increase in intensity alongside sonorous guitars and fluttering key effects. The explosive chorus reminds of Caribou’s album Andorra, where tracks would progress from quaintly effective psych-pop beginnings into grandiose hooks that could fit in an area. Considering this is Isaiah The Mosaic’s first independently produced release, it seems they have an incredibly bright future. Check out the track’s oldie film-loving music video below:

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