Ploy – “VRDSNT”

ploy - vrdsnt

Ploy’s vibrant track “XIX” had a great reception when posted in February. The DC-based duo presented amiable electro-pop that struck a fine balance between avant-garde creativity and highly accessible hooks, much like groups in the vein of Hot Chip and The Tough Alliance. Ploy’s new track, “VRDSNT”, is a remarkably vintage-sounding ode to bubbly synth-pop. “If you want it babe, just come on over,” repeats during the central hook, laced in fragmented synth cuts and whirring club arps. It sounds like something in a stylish ’80s romance film, especially during the last segment when fluttering synths help establish a sunlit atmosphere, led by idealistic lines like “way down by the water there was a girl, we took our time dreaming of the whole world.” Ploy continue to combine nostalgia and cutting-edge creativity for an intriguingly infectious sound. “VRDSNT”, off Ploy’s upcoming EP, is the latest.

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