Skeleton Coast – “Young”

Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast dub their sound “swimgaze”, which they admit is “not a real genre” but fitting of their output nonetheless: “The guitars and vocals are drenched in reverb and delay, both of which are blended with both modern and vintage keyboard sounds as well as a heavy and occasionally tribal-esque rhythm section. Psychedelic and ethereal, the music sounds almost as if you are swimming or are immersed in water.”

Despite the water-driven references, even aquaphobes will find a certain comfort in Skeleton Coast’s sound, which harks to the early ’90s alternative explosion. More specifically, their angular guitar-driven attack reminds of Slint and early Smashing Pumpkins, the latter comparison prominent though the exhilarating nasally vocal tone on the extraordinary “Young”, a collision of infectious jangle-pop and the Pumpkins’ alt-rock, laden with bouncy keys and all. The warm waves of distortion help complement a self-professed My Bloody Valentine love, but most of Skeleton Coast’s appeal is in the extraordinary songwriting that resounds with a crisp clarity. The gorgeous “Greenhouse”, with a lush atmospheric appeal reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s grandiose psych-rock efforts, shows this just as well. Grab Skeleton Coast’s full-length EP here.


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  1. Ugh, Your comparisons are WWWWAAAAAAYYYYYYY off. The “extraordinary” songwriting as you so humbly put it, is actually quite shit. Terrible band.

  2. Don’t get me wrong. Some of the music is good but all of the lyrics and the singers voice just completely take the air out of anything that could be considered, “good”.

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