Trivial Shields – “Camelot”

Trivial Shields - Camelot

The debut single from songwriter Christian Carpenter presents a lush array of whirring synth droplets, Afro-inspired percussion, and caressing vocals. “Camelot” is a striking entry from Carpenter’s project Trivial Shields, which will release its debut EP Invisible Winter sometime within the next few months. “The song has a hypnotic, poly-rhythmic groove, inspired by a foggy dissociative experience walking around Oakland,” wrote Carpenter, who splits time between Oakland and Istanbul. Carpenter does most of the work, but “Camelot” also features the percussion of Aaron Gold and additional mixing/mastering by Bijan Sharifi. The production runs as smoothly as a great car amplifier. “Camelot” expands from lush scenery, almost like a gentle rainfall in a tropical jungle, into a more actively infectious brand of pop, brought to life largely by Gold’s percussive entry and the proliferation of twinkling synths. Carpenter’s vocals soar with an elegant melancholy, not too far from the delivery of How to Dress Well’s Tom Krell. It’s a fine job all around, and does a great job of making me excited for Invisible Winter.

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  1. this is a mellow song full of orgasmic taste to it….
    where can i find the lyrics to it?

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