Humfree Bug Art – “Flowers”

humfree bug art - collema

Their Collema EP offers more goodness from Swedish rockers Humfree Bug Art, who wowed in October with their first EP, Old Chairlene. Their second EP sees the group expanding upon their already-rich meshing of folk and post-rock; it was apparent early on that Humfree Bug Art have the power to unleash huge, anthemic tracks. The four-song Collema shows it, too. The closer is a twinkling little gem with hazy synth pads and a clinking cuteness, so to say, but the other three efforts are fierce and grandiose.

The aptly titled “Dancing Kites” weaves ominous guitar stabs and a trickling sort of intermezzo backing. The vocals increase in intensity toward the chorus’ havoc, marked by a twinkle of keys and a more upbeat guitar taking over. The vocals launch into jubilant form, the track leaping from anxious chaos to infectious glee in a heartbeat. “Flowers” evokes a dramatic sound with its repeated whirring sample, and produces a nicely arranged rock song that bustles with a pleasant push. It’s sure to remind some of The Killers, even if the chorus resembles slightly grander acts like The Frames.

The six Swedes are offering the EP in full on Soundcloud. Listen to it below:

Official Site / Facebook

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