Sensual Harassment – “Make Me Human Again”

sensual harassment

Brooklyn-based duo Sensual Harassment once described themselves  as “a Reptilian Humanoid alliance utilizing sonic mind control through beat-driven psych-pop,” which is accurate for the most part. But their new single casts doubt over just how robotic they are. “Make Me Human Again” takes us back to ’70s-era disco with its sampled horns, and reminds us that dance music is meant to be more organic than a glitchy sonic wall of heavily compressed synthesizers and computer tricks; it begs to be blasted on a dance floor, where you can feel the bass thumping in your chest. Even though the chorus has them singing “Keep my circuit from overheating / Make me human again,” the groove feels more human than humanoid, which is great because I’m pretty sure humanoids can’t dance.

Check out their newly-released EP Escape from Alpha Draconis, which builds heavily on influences from ’80s new wave pop-ers New Order and the Cars, as well as the video for EP closer “Disco Heart” below:

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