Therese Aune – “Chameleon”

Theresa Aune

Fans of ambitious female-fronted folk in the vein of Marissa Nadler, Fiona Apple, and Joanna Newsom will find solace in the work of Norwegian songwriter Theresa Aune. The Oslo native’s new track, “Chameleon”, is off her debut album Billowing Shadows, Flickering Light, out August 6th on Red Eye Transit. The album packs a very classical repertoire, with haunting pianos, weeping strings, and chiming acoustics complementing the affirmative and constantly transitioning vocals of Aune, who compares to Joanna Newsom’s inventive capriciousness in her delivery. Incorporate Aune’s atmospheric folk smarts, and listeners are treated to a very compelling sound.

Aune has studied classical piano since she was 10, and was performing her own songs live by 17. No style is out of bounds for Aune. “I love pop music, indie rock, classical minimalists and musicians that keep pushing their own boundaries,” she explains, name-dropping PJ Harvey, Beach House, Radiohead, Efterklang, and Grizzly Bear as big influences. The haunting folk produced by many of these artists is finely captured in “Chameleon”, as is Aune’s own trademark sound. She plays harmonium, piano, wurlitzer, celesta, and sings on the track, with Mio’s percussion and Borgar Magnason’s double bass also featuring. It’s a twinkling folk journey full of cavernous melodic developments and emotive vocal displays; “Chameleon” is a welcome entry to the world of indie-folk.

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