Tunng – “The Village”

tunng - turbines

It’s great to be reminded of Tunng, the London-based folkies whose 2007 album Good Arrows wooed me several years ago. Their new track, “The Village”, does much of the same. As a contagious effort from Tunng’s upcoming album Turbines, due out June 17th (18th in the U.S.), “The Village” combines electro-acoustic stutters with marimba-like key bouncing, all over a tranquilly convergent male-female lead. Some superb sampling work is done around the 01:30 mark, and then again at 02:42, when warbled guitar stretches halt for just a moment as an exotic vocal sample peeps in; this allows for the entry of a fuzzy organ to embrace the melodic lead before the lighter keys return, which is when male and female vocals alternate turns as the lead before combining their talents. It’s a structurally engaging effort with the oddball folk-infused infectiousness that Tunng have made staples of their sound by now. I am greatly anticipating the group’s fifth album, Turbines, on June 17th.

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