Young Holidays – “Jackie Kennedy”

Young Holidays - Jackie Kennedy

Young Holidays’ glitzy new track, “Jackie Kennedy”, continues the 23-year-old songwriter’s knack for jubilant hooks. This track is a pulsating synth-pop anthem that transitions from club-ready verses to rock-inspired choruses, the superb one on “Jackie Kennedy” being led by a howling electric guitar. It’s impossible to tell where the track is headed initially, with a halted synthesizer as the sole lead. But very quickly the delicately twinkling additives prep listeners for the oncoming chorus, shifting abruptly from bedroom-made synth song to a polished dance-pop punch. This is Young Holidays’ most refined effort to date, and it shows the songwriter heading in a direction that will surely result in radio play.

If you dig this, check out previously featured tracks “Teenager” and “Pretender“.

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