Jagwar Ma – “Come Save Me”

Jagwar Ma

While Australia’s Jagwar Ma have been kicking around their native land since 2011, this year marks their U.S. debut. Led by Jono Ma, Jagwar Ma released their first album, Howlin, in the U.S. earlier this month. And what perfect timing; the sunny, glossy retro pop is perfect for dancing around to outside on those humid summer nights. Having earned some comparisons to fellow Australians Tame Impala, it’s clear to see, however, that Jagwar Ma take the pop goodness of that group and pares it down to its most pleasurable and accessible form: pure summertime bubblegum.

“Come Save Me” is a particular stand-out. It’s sunny and undemanding; it glides sweetly into your ears, compelling your head to bop to the music, faster and faster until you find yourself belting out the chorus: “Come and save me!” Its simplicity is made even sweeter by the resounding, yet very chilled out “Yeah!”s of the background vocals. This is a song that asks you politely to dance, and dance you will on an endless loop as you find yourself playing this song on repeat with an ice cold glass of lemonade in hand.



  1. This was definitely one of the best summer albums, Jagwar Ma are pretty much the musical embodiment of Aussie summers. Shame it’s so cold here now, doesn’t work quite as well 🙁

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