Ladyhips – “Degrees of Separation”

Ladyhips Connecticut

The jazz-infused sophisti-pop of Ladyhips is a breath of fresh air, unforced and breezy in its smattering of hooks and polished musicianship. Based out of Hartford, Connecticut, Ladyhips’ new album Best Friends is available to download for free — as a thanks to family and friends who helped with the album, as it is aptly named. To give a sense of the album’s scope, the four-piece lists influences such as James Brown, Charlie Parker, Bob Dylan, and J.S Bach. It would be an interesting dinner party, to say the least. From the lush seafaring folk of “The Boat Song” to the bluesy acoustic stomps of “Westmoreland”, Best Friends is packed with a variety of engaging sounds molded by diverse influences and styles. One of the most fascinating is the opener, “Degrees of Separation”. Swirling keys immediately enforce their stunning jazzy presence, the keys emitting a reflective and arpeggiated tone over gentle acoustic caresses. Sean Rubin’s airy vocals are a nice fit for this lounge-y, jazz-infused accomplishment. Incorporate Some By Sea’s love for jazz-adorned arrangements with Andrew Bird’s charismatic acoustic presence, and you have something in the realm of Ladyhips’ Best Friends, an album that I recommended you downloaded — for free, no less.

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