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Natureboy – “Lexies”

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MP3:¬†Natureboy – “Lexies

Deep beneath the undercurrent of moody psychedelia and sleepy charm in “Lexies,” the first single off Natureboy’s upcoming second LP The Sweep,¬†Sara Kermanshahi’s eerie a-little-bit Victoria Legrand vocals sweep you away into a pixie dream cloud that seems, at times, to masterfully harness the amalgamation of parts that include bending violin effects, steady acoustic guitars, and harmonies sung by indie folk darling Sharon Van Etten. Hailing from Brooklyn, ¬†Kermanshahi has a heavy tone to her voice, almost smoky, which seems to flow naturally with her sweet acoustic strumming. The atmospheric arrangements created by producer Cedar Apffel seems to give Natureboy a buoyancy you wouldn’t expect from a genre known for its melancholy. They might be a little lost in a crowded space of “laptop folk,” but Sara’s unique voice keeps them relevant, and in my mind, “Lexies” is the sum of various parts that has this duo haunting me in various dreams, nightmares, and fairy tales. The Sweep will be available for digital download on July 23.


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