Matthew Baker – “All I Wanna Do”

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No, this isn’t a cover of the stunning Beach Boys song of the same name, but Matthew Baker’s own “All I Wanna Do” has summer-y vibes as well — even if they’re not as optimistic as you’d expect from a summer jam. “It’s always such a bummer when it starts to feel like summer,” is the first line, after all. December is Baker’s favorite month, but it doesn’t stop him from creating a wonderful track that borrows from surf-pop as much as it does modern electronic indie-pop. “All I want to do is close my eyes and dream of you,” he sings during the delectably stomping chorus, with psychedelic phasing effects adding to the beautiful meshing of nostalgia with cutting-edge pop smarts. Baker’s nasally and high-pitched voice is perfect for the concoction, like a┬árevitalized Beach Boy taking a stab at pulsating dance and surf infusions. “All I Wanna Do” is very fun stuff. Oh, and if you want to remix it, feel free; Baker is offering the stems here.

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  1. This song made me think of what the summer would be like in the 1950’s
    If I could bring a mixing board with me! So awesome, uplifting, and truly meshes different times and sounds together flawlessly!

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